Ink Drawings

My current body of 2-D work emerges out of an unfocused creating, a stream of unconsciousness. These abstract ink drawings are born out of decades of practicing a less deliberate form of mark-making, i.e. doodles, on any surface and with any marking utensil in whatever setting my hands would find themselves idle. In 2006, after much encouragement from other artists, I began drawing with the intent to show this work publicly.

Each drawing starts without any preconceived idea and in a setting of distractions. After a period of drawing in B&W and/or color, I will then study the drawing to see what images or patterns start to emerge. It is at that point I work on the drawing in a much more focused way.

Process is key to these works, but certain themes have started to make themselves known in the finished products: Journeys; Entertainment; Home; Geometric Whimsy; Fantasy/Dreams.

There are a couple of themes I've started with very few drawings in each. These also represent the very few drawings started with either a specific inspiration or subject in mind from the beginning: Kimono stands alone at the moment; Babbling Tower and Dance (aka Miriam's Dance) are two biblically-inspired pieces. I hope to add to these in the near future.

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