Clay Figurines


My polymer clay figurines are based on the Southwest Native American storyteller figurines, realizing that storytelling enriches all cultures and occupations. These award winning, non-native storytellers represent everyone (and everything) that tells and reads stories.

They are primarily custom-ordered. They are not intended to be portraits or caricatures, but basic features, clothing, and special interests are matched so that they can be easily identified by the recipient.

The storytellers typically sit ~4-5 inches tall, unless otherwise specified. Prices start at $50.


From the storytellers grew my jester art dolls. They combine clay, fabrics, and other materials. Most are posable and 12-14 inches tall when standing. $150 and up.

The storytellers are dear to me because of my love of storytelling; the jesters are dear to me because, quite simply, they represent my alter ego.

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